Thursday, April 6, 2017

to Hastings leader

To the hasting leader

Our rivers are very dirty they have chemicals food and everything. If all our water has chemicals and smells, soon all our Hawks Bays water will be chemicals. River are important to us because we need water to drink and wash our hands.

We can stop it by not littering, putting animals in it, throwing things in the river. We also can get special people with special clothes and take out all the pollution.

They get dirty by waste company and people dumping waste and throwing random things in them. We can stop putting pipes that end up to river and spew out yuck chemicals. And lower our meat buyer because animals use 15000 liters of water. And stop leaving taps on. Also water helps farmers water their crops.

Rivers are very important because animals need water and if there is chemical water they will maybe Evan die. Rivers are also important because They make power and if no water there might be no power.

By amanjot