Wednesday, May 31, 2017

hbhs performs

Hastings boys high school kapa haka and pasifika

The time i walked in i could just feel that this would be amazing. The time the kapa haka group came in I just knew they would make us amazed . Also they looked like they trained really really hard and also I think they  enjoyed it because I could see their  bright  smiles  shining right out. They first move they took it just blew my mind. I never knew that it was that long because on the first clap the audience did. I thought it was over but 2 seconds later I got a big fright. I screamed. Luckily no one noticed because everyone was concentrated.  On the Pacifika I never knew they were doing Pasifika too so i was so amazed and the were so enjoying it it was amazing. I knew it was great because I could see their happiness just shining at me.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dead Stadium

This is the is the stadium where great glorious battles and fight happened. It used to be the biggest baddest stadium ever. But now you can only see ashes and dried out blood.abandoned-stadium-palma-de-mallorca.jpg

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Autumn writing

It’s autumn you can see the leaves fluttering and buttering all across the ground . It’s also likely you sleep merely at night or you will eventually get the flew. When i walk across the road to my house feels like heaven  but just a bit leafy. Instead of the breeze flowing across my face it's the leaves assembling into  a tornado to block my way. Also when the farmers shoot there air gun it's not the birds that fly its the leaves that flow. The leaves are so colourful that it's like a rainbow every day. For me its heaven but for them its there every day route.Autum Leaves | wsilver | Flickr