Thursday, July 27, 2017

Name of problem:Holiday Pay
Describe the problem:we had to find out ¾ of 60 And ⅓ of what was left. Then he brought two pies each costing $2 each. Then we had to find out what fraction of pocket money did he not spend.
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)  first i find ¾
60. Then I ended up with  45 then i subtracted 45 from 60 i was left with 15. Then i had to find out ⅛ of that and that was 10. Then  i add 50 to the 10 and that equals 60 .
And then you add up then i add up 45 and 5 and 4.  That equals 54 then i subtract 60 from that then i am left with 6 so  then i take the 60 and then the 6 and make a faction like this.
6/60  the end.
Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:

Making Links i used my making links muscle by linking my knowledge to what i already new about how to find fractions of numbers.
The other learning muscle i think i used was absorption because while i was telling my suggestion . i was listening to there one.

Photo of the task:IMG_20170726_133839.jpg

rainbow wing

Free illustration: Mythical Creature, Fiction - Free Image on ...
This is the amazingly magnificent creature called the rainbow wing. It lived in the late 180 bc. You would only see it in the season called spring. It would live in the deep dark caverns of the earth. It would hunt down it's prey with it’s claw dripping razor sharp claws. It was fast so it would quickly take the prey and vanish into thin air. It was a very smart bird so it made it’s own house that was made out of stone. In the season of spring they would come out and lay there eggs.  Scientist believe that they were the colour of a rainbow. And would be harmful to humans if they were still living. They were about 16 metres long . And 5 metres wide. Also it claws were 3 metres long. And it legs were as tall as 4 feet . You can find their fossils in the african dessert.

They had a hard time so when the dinosaurs appeared in the earth. The rainbow wings would fight with them. Fun fact the first ever sighting ever believed of a dinosaur was seen by a animal called the rainbow wing. So when the dinosaurs came along they would always fight each other in the spring. But the dinosaurs were not the only predators in the world to the rainbow wing. There were other things called the dragons.They would wake up and kill the baby rainbow wings so the rainbow wings all teamed up and out numbered the dragons. And killed every dragon. And made them extinct. After a few years It was the time for the rainbow wing extinction. So they died out and that's the end of the story THE END. (:

My Name Art

Screenshot 2017-07-25 at 1.40.12 PM.png

This is my name art i made this in a app called graffiti creator. We made this for our toad trays.
For my one i did it digital. I think i put my personal best and lots of my respect . I had lots of tries because it was my first time ever doing it .   But i persevered and eventually finished my task.
I had lot’s tries on different fonts but i noticed this font was the easiest to look at and understand.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Holiday Blog Post

On july 23 saturday me and my cousin’s went on a trip to the national park near taupo.

While we were driving I slept and woke up at least 4 times.  By the time we were up the mountain to stop and play, I could see the breeze freezing me. When  we hopped out of the car i was straight up freezing. My mum quickly gave me a big coat and we quickly got everyone out of there cars. Then we slowly walked to the snow with our gear. When we were by the snow i quickly jumped down a slide and wet myself because of the icy snow.  I never imagined the snow to be so cold. I felt a bit cold so I went into the cafe by the snow to get heated up. When I got out I felt a bit hotter. So I got small sleigh and rode it down the snow path I crashed at least 3 time. Me and my brother made a huge snowman that was almost as big as me.  But the bad thing was suddenly when I went to go sleighing and came back I saw my brother and a little kid started kicking the snow. Man I could not even run in the snow. When I finally reached them the snowman was snow crust.  For some reason my mind kept on repeating and saying traitor! traitor! traitor!. After we had lot’s of fun we were just going home. But when suddenly Someone threw a huge snowball right in my face. How rude! When i looked to see who it was, I saw it was my dreadful brother. In other words my nemesis. Then I said to myself I will have my revenge.  Then i quickly asked my cousin to get a huge snowball . When he brought me it is quickly dumped it on my brother. Then he got angry but just when he started to make a snow ball my mum said home time just in time . So we traveled back  home and that was  the end of my beautiful holiday.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


My research Question
Mostly everyone knows that the dinosaurs died because of  asteroid. But does anyone one ever think about where the asteroid came from did it come from the asteroid belt. If it did how did the asteroid get out of the asteroid belt?



  • T-rex
  • argentinosaurus  
  • spinosaurus
T-rex ,flesh eating carnivore,smart dino, 230 kilograms,500 pounds of meat in one bite.

8 metres tall,100 tons weight,4.9km h,37 metres long.   

Spinosaurus 13 to 18 metres long,14 feet tall


  • T-rex
  • spinosaurus
T rex Carnivore,meat eater.flesh biter,

Spinosaurus fish eater,flesh biter,biggest meat eater,
spinosaurus , lived in america, discovered in egypt, hot tempritures.
Research Question
My research
Extra crazy facts
The argentinosaurus would get hunted by the biggest meat eater in packs.


What I Want to Find Out
Names of some of the prehistoric or extinct animals. Were they carnivores or herbivores. What was the longest name for a dinosaur. What things like dinosaur and and saur mean . Also what was the biggest meat eater prehistoric animals or extinct animals.

What I Know           i know that prehistoric and extinct animals were living before humankind. And some of them died because of meteorites and some died out because of the type of places the went and the predators. Also I that now there is no sight of them but you can find fossilized bones of theirs.  And another name for dinosaur bones is fossils. And from the bones you now what they ate. If they were carnivores or herbivore so that if they were meat eaters or plant eaters. And their habits and how they looked.  Also how they would crunch on flesh. So and if they crunch with there back teeth or front teeth.


What I Learnt


Wednesday, July 5, 2017


This is my artifact criteria writing .

And these are some photos of my artifacts.

this is one side of the poster