Thursday, July 27, 2017

rainbow wing

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This is the amazingly magnificent creature called the rainbow wing. It lived in the late 180 bc. You would only see it in the season called spring. It would live in the deep dark caverns of the earth. It would hunt down it's prey with it’s claw dripping razor sharp claws. It was fast so it would quickly take the prey and vanish into thin air. It was a very smart bird so it made it’s own house that was made out of stone. In the season of spring they would come out and lay there eggs.  Scientist believe that they were the colour of a rainbow. And would be harmful to humans if they were still living. They were about 16 metres long . And 5 metres wide. Also it claws were 3 metres long. And it legs were as tall as 4 feet . You can find their fossils in the african dessert.

They had a hard time so when the dinosaurs appeared in the earth. The rainbow wings would fight with them. Fun fact the first ever sighting ever believed of a dinosaur was seen by a animal called the rainbow wing. So when the dinosaurs came along they would always fight each other in the spring. But the dinosaurs were not the only predators in the world to the rainbow wing. There were other things called the dragons.They would wake up and kill the baby rainbow wings so the rainbow wings all teamed up and out numbered the dragons. And killed every dragon. And made them extinct. After a few years It was the time for the rainbow wing extinction. So they died out and that's the end of the story THE END. (:

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  1. WOW Amanjot! Your writing is AWESOME
    your rainbow wing creature is very old creature its 180 BC that's more than 2100 years old
    also your story has amazing detail like dripping razor sharp claws.