Wednesday, May 31, 2017

hbhs performs

Hastings boys high school kapa haka and pasifika

The time i walked in i could just feel that this would be amazing. The time the kapa haka group came in I just knew they would make us amazed . Also they looked like they trained really really hard and also I think they  enjoyed it because I could see their  bright  smiles  shining right out. They first move they took it just blew my mind. I never knew that it was that long because on the first clap the audience did. I thought it was over but 2 seconds later I got a big fright. I screamed. Luckily no one noticed because everyone was concentrated.  On the Pacifika I never knew they were doing Pasifika too so i was so amazed and the were so enjoying it it was amazing. I knew it was great because I could see their happiness just shining at me.


  1. Wow Amanjot I love your Pasifica and Haka writing
    Its really cool and its got very good words
    Well done