Wednesday, March 22, 2017

mount Bruce and camp photos

On the second  day of camp we went to mount bruce.
At mount bruce  they had lots of native and famous birds. And the best of all was the  outstanding heaven like white kiwi. With its fellow friend brown kiwi with white feathers on its head. And the amazing still like statue but slow as a snail the tuatara !tuatara are very still and slow. It was one of the best things at mount bruce. I also saw the beautiful takahe it looked very rare because of how many there were. One of my favorite things there were the talented kokako at mount bruce. It was the a very special . it wasn't an ordinary kokako it was hand raised it could say  its name and do some other tricks to. One of the coolest thing there was the eels. They were very  they were very greedy and fat. Mr blaky and olis mum fed the eels a stinky old disgusting rat.
17342670_10208945648300898_3436199106967157548_n (1).jpg17342658_10208930896612115_5504706363764424980_n.jpg

I love mount bruce

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


the orange kiwi

The kiwi is a flightless bird. It is a national symbol of New Zealand. It is a nocturnal bird so it only comes at night. When it come sat night it hunts for food. Like bugs and worms. It has razor sharp claws so….. It is very cute and  furry bird. The kiwi population is lowering down. It is almost extinct because lots of kiwis die by possum rats and other animals and eat there eggs. They can be found in the bush. Many years ago  kiwis could fly. But there were lots of worms and bugs so the kiwi became flightless. They sound like smoke alarms and whistles.

Made by Amanjot