Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Winter warmers menu

Golden hunger     warning      the upcoming dishes and dessert make you hungry.                          
Golden rich soup
It’s a creamy smooth  delicious soup. Served in a golden bowl. You gotta try it it’s mouth dripping . get your wide mouth open because it coming for you.               $8 for the magnificent golden soup .  
Creamy salad  
The creamy salad is made with vegetables and  lettuce .  It has a creamy texture to it and . It is is a mouth dripping salad.      $5 salad  

Egg and bacon
Served with a smooth  bed of egg. Some delicious crispy  bacon  on top of the amazing dish .                             $6  for egg and bacon
  Lunch meals.                     Hunger buster
If you're hungry you're in luck , The hunger buster is just made for you. It is a man made pizza made with smooth sauce . With some crispy   cheese on top . And also there are small delicious chicken slices on top .   

American steak                                $ 15 American steak
 Made with steak with some  crispy bacon on the side. The steak is made in america and sent  to us to give to you guys and girls. The steak is crispy and hard.

Double mic patty burger          $17 Double mic patty
The double mic paddy is a hamburger with two delicious mouth dripping patties.  Served on the side is some gravy (optional ).

Chocolate chip ice cream             $6
Chocolate chip ice cream is a delicious  dish served with french vanilla ice cream. The chocolate is actually chocolate fudge.   

Chocolate raspberry smoothie                     $8
Chocolate raspberry smoothie is a  magnificent dish served with chocolate in the smoothie cup .  with raspberry in the middle.

Chocolate castle           $8
Chocolate castle is a amazing chocolate cake castle . with some amazing  chocolate fudge on the top of it .

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  1. WOW amanjot I love your menu
    it looks cool
    I would love to come to your amazing restaurant if I knew what lovely food you have