Wednesday, August 2, 2017


It is so cold that Mount Everest froze,
heaters don’t work,
ponds become lakes.

It is so cold that dolphins
don’t dive,
fresh food becomes frozen food,
the freezers explode.

It is so cold news reporters can’t talk,
the Olympics was postponed,
that queen Elizabeth Mansion became Elsa’s Castle.

It is so cold Star Wars had to change Empire strikes back to the Winter strikes back,
santa does not deliver presents,
It is so cold that Antarctica became ice crumbs.

It so cold America's government announced that winter is not a cool season,
that birds freeze in flight,
It is so cold playground look like someone put icing on it.

             It is so cold I feel like a dragon spitting out wind,
It looks like someone sprinkled ice all over the fields,
that I think Antarctica moved over to New Zealand,
that New Zealand's government ordered something to be called winter warmers.

1 comment:

  1. Cool poem Amanjot or maybe cold poem.
    I love your amazing places like Mount Everest, Elizabeth Mansion and Star Wars and how you changed them to something else like how you said Elizabeth Mansion became Elsa’s Castle. I really like your cool cold freezing frosty cold poem.