Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jet motors


Meet the futures best product , the jet motors jet pack , the fun literally never ends because it is powered by a solar panel on the top , it is equipped with professional massage machines on the back , and top of the list
Albums by over 1 million celebrities. You can control it by the professionally made control panel build on the side of the jet pack. So call now 111 heretaunga street  hastings.

Buyer information (optional to read)
This is the jetpack it makes you fly for unlimited time. Because there are solar panels  that give energy .
(this offer is not available
in stores so call now). The amazing product is made out of top of the class carbon fibre that is cleaned and refurbished and given to us to put on the jet motors jet pack. 99.9 % of it is made out of carbon fibre. Only the control panel is made out of metal so if it drops and you are in mid flight it will not brake. Fun fact the control panel is drop proof. We know that because we have had professional scientist give us a special type of metal that there is only 0.1 % chance of it breaking .

The benefits of having it

So the benefits of having the jetpack is that it can fly you anywhere . And if you get tired you can activate the music and the messenger.  And the cool thing is the first 3 callers get 50% off. And another benefit is that if you have no car you can buy this product and fly anywhere. We have got word that some hikers have evan tried it.  We have word that 2 people have evan used it to jet up mount everest . Amazing , we have already had 2billion calls. So you should call now.

How much does the jet pack cost ?
The cost of the jet pack is 500,000 dollars but first 3 callers get 50% off . Now pick that phone up and call jet motors for your dream jet pack. The only reason why it is a bit too high is because the jetpack can make you fly as long as you like. Also it is the only jet pack in the world. But when some other  people make it we will lower the price to around 100,000 dollars but for now its 500,000 dollars.


The photo of the magnificent product!!!!!

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