Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jet motors


Meet the futures best product , the jet motors jet pack , the fun literally never ends because it is powered by a solar panel on the top , it is equipped with professional massage machines on the back , and top of the list
Albums by over 1 million celebrities. You can control it by the professionally made control panel build on the side of the jet pack. So call now 111 heretaunga street  hastings.

Buyer information (optional to read)
This is the jetpack it makes you fly for unlimited time. Because there are solar panels  that give energy .
(this offer is not available
in stores so call now). The amazing product is made out of top of the class carbon fibre that is cleaned and refurbished and given to us to put on the jet motors jet pack. 99.9 % of it is made out of carbon fibre. Only the control panel is made out of metal so if it drops and you are in mid flight it will not brake. Fun fact the control panel is drop proof. We know that because we have had professional scientist give us a special type of metal that there is only 0.1 % chance of it breaking .

The benefits of having it

So the benefits of having the jetpack is that it can fly you anywhere . And if you get tired you can activate the music and the messenger.  And the cool thing is the first 3 callers get 50% off. And another benefit is that if you have no car you can buy this product and fly anywhere. We have got word that some hikers have evan tried it.  We have word that 2 people have evan used it to jet up mount everest . Amazing , we have already had 2billion calls. So you should call now.

How much does the jet pack cost ?
The cost of the jet pack is 500,000 dollars but first 3 callers get 50% off . Now pick that phone up and call jet motors for your dream jet pack. The only reason why it is a bit too high is because the jetpack can make you fly as long as you like. Also it is the only jet pack in the world. But when some other  people make it we will lower the price to around 100,000 dollars but for now its 500,000 dollars.


The photo of the magnificent product!!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

making shapes in 1/4 and 1/8's

Name of problem: making a shape ¼’s
Describe the problem: We got given a shape and we had to cut it in ¼’s but the extension maths people had to cut it into ⅛ too.
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
The strategies i used was folding it .
And the knowledge i used was remembering how a normal ¼  and ⅛ looks like.

Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:

Making links because i made links to folding the paper.

Also reasoning because i reasoned why the other lines would not make a ¼ and ⅛.

Photo of the task:IMG_1608.JPG

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Planet Unknown

Planet unknown

“Hello. My name is Amanjot. This is the story of the land i am writing this on. Many years ago this land was named planet unknown. But 2 rovers, called andrew and sam, wandered the  dry and thick land of planet earth. They set off on a journey to plant a seed on the planet. They had many attempts but all of them failed . There only hope was to use the last planter. They placed it down, And then it happened. A miracle. The plant started to grow. But they never knew that it would be a start  to a new future.   Sam was a very very smart robots so he made a duplicator. Sam duplicated the plants about 100 times. The problem was that on the 100 duplicated plant the power of sam and andrew was lost.  Andrew had a broken solar cell, But sam found  out that he had a solar battery.  Andrew got some metal and put  the wires  back in place, while reprogramming it with the computer that is installed in andrew the rover. While sam overheated his computer that broke.  The got around 100 watts of power in one minutes. After that they started to make a farm.  
The farm was a huge farm. If has been  estimated to be as big as America. They made lots of food, the most fascinating thing is that they made was robots.  After few years the humans came . But they complained about animals they said that there were no animals. So the intelligent and genius rovers cloned animals. No ordinary animals they had cloned mythical legendary. Prehistoric ,dinosaurs. And lastly normal animals.

Planets Unknown Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Picturespicture of planet unknown . (maybe)

Winter warmers menu

Golden hunger     warning      the upcoming dishes and dessert make you hungry.                          
Golden rich soup
It’s a creamy smooth  delicious soup. Served in a golden bowl. You gotta try it it’s mouth dripping . get your wide mouth open because it coming for you.               $8 for the magnificent golden soup .  
Creamy salad  
The creamy salad is made with vegetables and  lettuce .  It has a creamy texture to it and . It is is a mouth dripping salad.      $5 salad  

Egg and bacon
Served with a smooth  bed of egg. Some delicious crispy  bacon  on top of the amazing dish .                             $6  for egg and bacon
  Lunch meals.                     Hunger buster
If you're hungry you're in luck , The hunger buster is just made for you. It is a man made pizza made with smooth sauce . With some crispy   cheese on top . And also there are small delicious chicken slices on top .   

American steak                                $ 15 American steak
 Made with steak with some  crispy bacon on the side. The steak is made in america and sent  to us to give to you guys and girls. The steak is crispy and hard.

Double mic patty burger          $17 Double mic patty
The double mic paddy is a hamburger with two delicious mouth dripping patties.  Served on the side is some gravy (optional ).

Chocolate chip ice cream             $6
Chocolate chip ice cream is a delicious  dish served with french vanilla ice cream. The chocolate is actually chocolate fudge.   

Chocolate raspberry smoothie                     $8
Chocolate raspberry smoothie is a  magnificent dish served with chocolate in the smoothie cup .  with raspberry in the middle.

Chocolate castle           $8
Chocolate castle is a amazing chocolate cake castle . with some amazing  chocolate fudge on the top of it .

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

IMG_1450.JPGthis is our plan for our learning muscle writing. We choosed the learning muscle called reasoning we had to look at a crime scene. And figure out what happened. At the night of the robbery we were guided by some clues.


It is so cold that Mount Everest froze,
heaters don’t work,
ponds become lakes.

It is so cold that dolphins
don’t dive,
fresh food becomes frozen food,
the freezers explode.

It is so cold news reporters can’t talk,
the Olympics was postponed,
that queen Elizabeth Mansion became Elsa’s Castle.

It is so cold Star Wars had to change Empire strikes back to the Winter strikes back,
santa does not deliver presents,
It is so cold that Antarctica became ice crumbs.

It so cold America's government announced that winter is not a cool season,
that birds freeze in flight,
It is so cold playground look like someone put icing on it.

             It is so cold I feel like a dragon spitting out wind,
It looks like someone sprinkled ice all over the fields,
that I think Antarctica moved over to New Zealand,
that New Zealand's government ordered something to be called winter warmers.