Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Planet Unknown

Planet unknown

“Hello. My name is Amanjot. This is the story of the land i am writing this on. Many years ago this land was named planet unknown. But 2 rovers, called andrew and sam, wandered the  dry and thick land of planet earth. They set off on a journey to plant a seed on the planet. They had many attempts but all of them failed . There only hope was to use the last planter. They placed it down, And then it happened. A miracle. The plant started to grow. But they never knew that it would be a start  to a new future.   Sam was a very very smart robots so he made a duplicator. Sam duplicated the plants about 100 times. The problem was that on the 100 duplicated plant the power of sam and andrew was lost.  Andrew had a broken solar cell, But sam found  out that he had a solar battery.  Andrew got some metal and put  the wires  back in place, while reprogramming it with the computer that is installed in andrew the rover. While sam overheated his computer that broke.  The got around 100 watts of power in one minutes. After that they started to make a farm.  
The farm was a huge farm. If has been  estimated to be as big as America. They made lots of food, the most fascinating thing is that they made was robots.  After few years the humans came . But they complained about animals they said that there were no animals. So the intelligent and genius rovers cloned animals. No ordinary animals they had cloned mythical legendary. Prehistoric ,dinosaurs. And lastly normal animals.

Planets Unknown Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Picturespicture of planet unknown . (maybe)

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