Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Holiday Blog Post

On july 23 saturday me and my cousin’s went on a trip to the national park near taupo.

While we were driving I slept and woke up at least 4 times.  By the time we were up the mountain to stop and play, I could see the breeze freezing me. When  we hopped out of the car i was straight up freezing. My mum quickly gave me a big coat and we quickly got everyone out of there cars. Then we slowly walked to the snow with our gear. When we were by the snow i quickly jumped down a slide and wet myself because of the icy snow.  I never imagined the snow to be so cold. I felt a bit cold so I went into the cafe by the snow to get heated up. When I got out I felt a bit hotter. So I got small sleigh and rode it down the snow path I crashed at least 3 time. Me and my brother made a huge snowman that was almost as big as me.  But the bad thing was suddenly when I went to go sleighing and came back I saw my brother and a little kid started kicking the snow. Man I could not even run in the snow. When I finally reached them the snowman was snow crust.  For some reason my mind kept on repeating and saying traitor! traitor! traitor!. After we had lot’s of fun we were just going home. But when suddenly Someone threw a huge snowball right in my face. How rude! When i looked to see who it was, I saw it was my dreadful brother. In other words my nemesis. Then I said to myself I will have my revenge.  Then i quickly asked my cousin to get a huge snowball . When he brought me it is quickly dumped it on my brother. Then he got angry but just when he started to make a snow ball my mum said home time just in time . So we traveled back  home and that was  the end of my beautiful holiday.

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