Thursday, July 6, 2017


What I Want to Find Out
Names of some of the prehistoric or extinct animals. Were they carnivores or herbivores. What was the longest name for a dinosaur. What things like dinosaur and and saur mean . Also what was the biggest meat eater prehistoric animals or extinct animals.

What I Know           i know that prehistoric and extinct animals were living before humankind. And some of them died because of meteorites and some died out because of the type of places the went and the predators. Also I that now there is no sight of them but you can find fossilized bones of theirs.  And another name for dinosaur bones is fossils. And from the bones you now what they ate. If they were carnivores or herbivore so that if they were meat eaters or plant eaters. And their habits and how they looked.  Also how they would crunch on flesh. So and if they crunch with there back teeth or front teeth.


What I Learnt

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