Friday, September 1, 2017

maori weaving

Maori Art weaving Paper

First you have to get two pieces of paper. Secondly you have to put it in portrait. Then colour it in with any colour you like, then do it to the other piece of paper. Then when you have done that you have to measure some small strips, going down portrait ways. Then you do that to both of the paper. When done you have to cut the strips out.  Then place one paper pair of strips down close to each other. Then you do under over and under over on the strips . when you hit the ends you will be able to see that there are strips that are folding out . You want to fold them under the paper and then glue them. Then that is your Maori paper weave.



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  1. Wow amanjot I love your instructions about Moari weaving.
    It really shows you what to do.
    What I liked about it was how you put in first and secondly and so on it because shows the reader what the steps are but you could have used a new paragraph for each step so it's not all mushed together.