Friday, September 8, 2017



Lot’s of people think of the famous fairy tale called Rapunzel . But has anyone ever heard the real one probably not. But today I will be telling you the real story, here we go then .

Deep in the days of long long there lived a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. She was the queen of Rapunzel Hills, located in the North of Toyworld. She was also very very nice to her people. But one day a mad scientist called Jordan Sheardown came into town. For the first couple of days he was in downhill at the science lab, he made around 10 people savacate and die because of hair disease potions. The queen finally noticed that he had to be stopped. So she sent a messenger to go to the center of toyworld . Kings land, the most secure place in the whole world. No one would ever want to go there but the queen demanded that the messenger to go.  One another reason is that the messenger did not want to go is because there are over 6 billions armed professional Knights and aircraft bombs. When the messenger came back he came with a person , he said that the King of central toyworld said that this is the strongest  Knight . The Knight came and  went to the the headquarters of the mad scientist. When he arrived there he demanded for a cure for the  people. He replies with a yes. The Rapunzel said to the Knight that can you please stay here for one night. He replied and said yes. The next morning the queen had the longest hair in the world . She demanded the Knight to come as quick as he could to her castle. When he arrived he was  very very surprised . They knew that the Jordan Sheardown had something to do with it. So the Knight went to the lab of the Jordan Sheardown. The knight was so furious that he broke the door down. He was furious and he beat up jordan. He demanded the scientist to make a cure for the potion that was given to the queen. He replied yes and made it in one minute . The knight took the cure and gave it to Rapunzel. And the the cure actually worked the mad scientist was kicked out of the city and they lived happily ever after. And they lived happily ever after.

Illustrated by jordan sheardown
Written by amanjot singh

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